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Creative: Lillie Eiger


The Chicago raised, London dwelling babe-of-a-photographer who brings personality to every shot she takes 

Lillie Eiger, originally from Chicago has found a home in London and a career in Photography. Having first met her 4 years ago at uni halls with an argument over pool cues (lol), I know first hand how outgoing and talented Lillie is through the friendship and collaborations that followed. Still studying Fashion Communication and Promotion at CSM, Lillie already has her photography career well underway. Amongst many other projects, she shoots for Dazed at fashion week and is now on tour with The XX. If you ever meet or even better collaborate with Lillie, you too will see how hard she works, loves what she does and brings personality, colour and excitement to every shot she takes.

Lillie has contributed to 360 Curated with a selection of her recent work.

Interviews and Press 


Thanks to Lillie for all images <3




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